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[audio]VA - Energies Around - compiled by Silent Existence - Silent Existence
We are proud to announce free compilacion from Silent Existence & Mind Expansion . Silent Existence its trying to bring to u free compilacions with well known and new artists. Our goal its to bring quality music to all psychedelic trance listeners around . Release Description: There are energies all around us but we are unaware of them. We think that we are alone. Because we have blocked off everything non-physical we think it does not exist...
Keywords: silent existence
Downloads: 178
hard heavy fast devoured existence is a live band with lots of power at the moment the group is writing new material and preparing for the studio. the band is ready to play with any signed or unsigned bands with the balls and not afraid to play with the group. a very limited amount of cd's are left. and are going fast. here is another web site.the band is on.for friends and true fans.(community.webtv./markofevil/MARKOFEVIL)
Downloads: 29
[audio]IUMA: Shattered Existence
Pure, back-to-the-basics, head-banging metal. Shattered Existence fills the void left by the heavy metal bands of the early nineties. They satisfy Boston's need for the music that popular culture has abandoned but true fans still crave. The band met at Berklee College of Music, in 2000, when a mutual devotion to the music of Pantera lured them to bassist Joe Boyle's dorm room. They began jamming in November under the name Existence...
Keywords: Shattered Existence
Downloads: 27
[texts]An essay in refutation of atheism. - Brownson, Orestes Augustus, 1803-1876

Keywords: God -- Existence
Downloads: 425
[audio]S Poetry 4
Downloads: 2
[audio]Planet X Fall Los Angeles X
own this hip hop track
Keywords: gnosis; heaven; god; existence
Downloads: 11
[audio]Just Right #191 - Robert Metz & Robert Vaughan
Just Right-191-March 17, 2011 Focus: To Be, Or Not To Be - That Is The Question Death: Nothing To Be Feared? Making Sense Of Non-Existence The Quest For Immortality - Creating A Freedom Culture The Living End: Life - An End In Itself
Keywords: Death; Existence; Immortality; Freedom
Downloads: 4
[audio]PXR4 1 & 2 - Electro existence
PXR4 1 & 2 are two short releases recorded on a Korg PXR4 digital four track. Using Casio keyboards, Electroplankton, Kaossilator, Yamaha Keyboards and some other little gear to create this.
Keywords: electro; existence; PXR4
Downloads: 46
[audio]IUMA: Edge of Existence
Two person studio band creating all kinds of alternative techno and ambient dance grooves. We strive to create music that makes people react or think about the world they live in, but all the time with a very fun flavor!
Keywords: Edge of Existence
Downloads: 3
[unknown]01 The Absolute Existence of God - James McGovern
A Biblical teaching on the Existence of God **I made a joke about the reason Paul uses the word rubbish over the the correct word; stating the reason Paul uses rubbish over the other word is because of the Southern Baptist Convention. That is not true, it was a joke.**
Keywords: God; Atheism; Existence
Downloads: 9
[audio]the meaning of it all - waterintowine
Through a time of questioning, wondering, and pondering the meaning of life, existence, everything, out came these songs without words. 
Keywords: creation; existence; meaning; purpose
Downloads: 9
[audio]Existence - Existence
Setelah beberapa waktu lalu merilis album perdana dengan format kaset tape yang sangatterbatas. Unit D-Beat Punk, Existence kembali merilis ulang album perdanya "Destruction This Fucking Pain" dengan format digital lewat Koalisi Nada NetLabel.Di album ini Existence menyuarakan tentang semangat hidup, kebosanan dan kemuakan atas realitas sosial, yang disuguhkan dengan balutan nuansa gelap ala sound Swedish D-Beatpunk macam Disfear dan Wolfbrigade.Destruction This Fucking Pain, Shudder, dan figu...
Keywords: #Existence #Koalisinada #Netlabel
Downloads: 84
[audio]I don't exist? - Joko Hazelwood
Stone Creek Zen Center Dharma Talk: 12-19-2010
Keywords: zen; buddhism; dharma; existence
Downloads: 26
[texts]Reset Your Existence
Reset Your ExistenceReset Your ExistenceReset Your ExistenceFolks develop trust when they feel secure in disclosing the Reset Your Existence deepest, many private self to their partners. These are folks you meet at random plus are unlikely to ever meet again. Our lives over time got busy and you were not with each alternative because frequently but you still kept inside constant contact. However doing which, this early inside the Reset Your Existence game is the Reset Your Existence worst thing ...
Keywords: Reset Your Existence PDF
Downloads: 1
[audio]TIESs 01e 01 - The Co Learners
The first episode of the Impromptu Existence show
Keywords: philosophy; impromptu; existence; podcast
Downloads: 12
[audio]Matt Bleak - Nocturnal Existence - Matt bleak
Slow, plodding, synth-heavy ode to the curse of insomnia.
Keywords: Matt Bleak; Nocturnal Existence
Downloads: 91
END OF EXISTENCE is a power groove band that tears the stage and crowd to pieces.we also trade shows!when end of existence takes the stage all hell breaks loose.the five members of the band give a hell of a show.100% energy nothing must be prepared to get the fuck up or head toward the back.a must see live band!
Downloads: 9
[texts]The God of philosophy - Aveling, Francis, 1875-1941
Keywords: God -- Existence; Natural theology
Downloads: 435
[movies]Does It Exist a Creator?
Does It Exist a Creator?
Keywords: creator, god, existence
Downloads: 1,138
[audio]2011Oct23_SyntaxAndParadox_in_HumanExistence__LectureBy_Dr.KS.RatnakarGaru_atSriShirdiSaiBabaSansthan_Hyderabad - Dr. K. S. Ratnakar, Prof. V. Viswanadham
2011Oct23_ - Syntax and Paradox in Human Existence â Lecture by Dr. K. S. Ratnakar Garu - Personality Development Course - 4th Sunday Programme of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan â Shivam Road, Bagh Amberpet, Hyderabad. Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan, Hyderabad conducted its 136th programme with Dr. K. S. Ratnakar Garu as the Chief Speaker. Dr. K. S. Ratnakar Garu, is the Chairman, Global Medical Education & Research Centre, Global Hospitals, and Former Dean, NIMS...
Keywords: Human Existence; syntax; paradox
Downloads: 64
[movies]Evidence for and against existence of God - Dr. William Lane Craig vs. Dr. Peter W. Atkins -
For ISO image, please visit:
Keywords: Video; debate; God; existence
Downloads: 479
[movies]The Nature of Existence - Roger Nygard
* In The Nature of Existence, Roger Nygard asks theologians, authors, filmmakers, scholars, scientists and even random people, via more than 170 interviews in all, to answer the same basic question, Why do we exist? Buy the DVD! * uploaded by bsanandaATyahooDOTcom * globalcooperativeforumDOTnet
Keywords: existence; Roger Nygard
Downloads: 1,040
[texts]Human immortality and pre-existence - McTaggart, John McTaggart Ellis, 1866-1925

Keywords: Immortality; Pre-existence
Downloads: 714
[audio]Philosophy in the Park - Almighty Circuitry - Michael Goree
Mike takes his philosophical musings to Vinoy Park, Florida this week to ask a possibly-but-probably-not-important question.
Keywords: Buddha; Buddhist; Understanding; America; God; Existence; Non-Existence
Downloads: 1,850
[texts]THE GRAND DESIGNER - Dr. Fazlul Islam
All the scientific mechanisms, principles and laws in the nature are indicating us existence of an intelligent designer and creator of the universe who is identified as God.
Keywords: Existence of God; Biological Evolution; Existence of Soul
Downloads: 57
copyrighted dream guitar hip hop song
Keywords: tupac shakur; earth; heaven; existence
Downloads: 6
[audio]Feb. 10, 2013am Preachingby Pastor John Huni - Pastor John Huni
Christ Redeemed Church
Keywords: The Reason Of Our Existence
Downloads: 14
[texts]Existence Rise Above [ Pulsar Recordings]
Existence Rise Above [ Pulsar Recordings]
Keywords: Existence Rise Above [ Pulsar Recordings]
Downloads: 1
[audio]A void noise - Electro existence
First album released by Electro existence - July 2007
Keywords: a; void; noise; electro; existence
Downloads: 27
[texts]A postulate derived from a reading of Schopenhauer - Adam Fieled
This postulate attempts to make an ontological incision regarding the difference between existence and subsistence in matter, substance, causality.
Keywords: ontology; schopenhauer; existence; subsistence; philosophy
Downloads: 8
[audio]IAP 6 | Mere Mortals - James Shelley
Often in Western society the issue of death is considered a "taboo" topic of discussion. What are our cultural predispositions that cause us to be repulsed or uncomfortable with death? On this surface this denial is odd, given that it is the one thing that we all have in common with each other. In this episode we reflect on the reality of inevitability of death, and how it shapes the way we live. More episodes of Inventing a Planet are available on our website.
Keywords: mortality; life; death; meaning; existence
Downloads: 29
[texts]A note on the non-existence of multivalue A-stable methods of order greater than two (Volume Report (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dept. of Computer Science) no. 569) - Gear, C. William (Charles William), 1935-
Bibliography: leaf 3
Keywords: Differential equations, Linear; Existence theorems
Downloads: 47
[texts]The 31 Planes of Existence - Ven. Suvanno Mahathera
The 31 Planes of Existence, Ven. Suvanno Mahathera, 2001, ISBN 983-9439-57-x
Keywords: Planes; Existence; Mahathera; Buddhism; Buddha
Downloads: 233
[audio]Threads of Existence - Divine Punishment
MP3 of Divine Punishment
Keywords: threads of existence; divine punishment
Downloads: 5,080
[audio]Revealed in the beginning (Genesis 1:1-31) - John N. Stange IV
Revealed in the beginning (Genesis 1:1-31)
Keywords: Jesus; God's existence; God's Word; mankind; restoration
Downloads: 30
[audio]I Love Your Existence - Matt Colombini & Jeff Bailey
This is a cover of Goot's I Love Your Existence by Matt Colombini. It was recorded using a $10 Mic jerry rigged into the computer. Recorded in 2009, this is a very emotional cover.
Keywords: I love your existence; goot; cover
Downloads: 17
[audio]Enigma To Self Existence - Psykho Alejandro
Second release from Omen Faculty's Psykho Alejandro. Such softer just still metal material.
Keywords: psykho alejandro enigma to self existence
Downloads: 56
[audio]Nothing special - Electro existence
Three tracks using one Korg DS-10. Had big plans for an album but it just didn't come together.
Keywords: Nothing special electro existence exceed resist steppr
Downloads: 38
[audio]12 - Three Steps Toward Christian Theism - Jim Wallace
In this podcast we talk about three possible conversational steps one can take toward Christian theism. While not a set of arguments that lead directly to the Cross, these three incremental discussions can open the door to further consideration of the Gospel.
Keywords: Theism; Existence of God; PleaseConvinceMe; apologetics; Christianity
Downloads: 61
[audio]Kid Corrupt - The Fallen
Your a worthless, greedy lot.
Keywords: breakcore; glitch; satanic; noise; creation of existence
Downloads: 44
[audio]Matt Bleak - Nocturnal Existence [Death Crawl Version] - Matt Bleak
Gloomcore remix of Nocturnal Existence, slowed down to a deathly crawl.
Keywords: Matt Bleak; Nocturnal Existence Death Crawl Version
Downloads: 152
[audio]Dharma Talk - Charlie Pokorny
Stone Creek Zen Center guest speaker: 5-22-2011
Keywords: zen; buddhism; dharma; life; reality; existence
Downloads: 130
[audio]Perpetual Motion - A Shout For A Sign Of Existence
Finished but a project never released. It was made about a year ago when I was just getting into the idea of one repeated theme throughout. Nice but not really my style any more.
Keywords: A; Shout; For; A; Sign; Of; Existence
Downloads: 6
[audio]Abandone - Electro existence
Three track EP from Electro existence.
Keywords: electro existence abandone music industrial experimental
Downloads: 26
[audio]Electro existence - 2 - Electro existence
Two tracks from Electro existence.
Keywords: electro existence 2 mental implantation slow sunday
Downloads: 27
[audio]Theology II: Treatise on the One God, Summa Theologiae Ia q2-q26 - Duane H. Berquist, PhD
A course on questions 2-26 of the the Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas: the existence and attributes of God.
Keywords: theology; aquinas; god; existence of god
Downloads: 44
Downloads: 6
[audio]Anne Sauvagnargues: Simondon and Ecology : Towards a Digital Mode of Existence ? - Jörg Diernberger (Recording)
Anne Sauvagnargues (Paris X Nanterre/FR): Simondon and Ecology : Towards a Digital Mode of Existence ? in Simondon and Digital Culture Workshop
Keywords: Sauvagnargues; Simondon; Ecology; Digital; Mode of Existence
Downloads: 89
[movies]The Argument for God Based on Desire - Harold C. Felder
In this episode of Giving An Answer, Harold interviews Kurt Wise of the Apologetics Center ministry. Kurt explains that every person has an innate desire for God and that nothing but God can satisfy that desire. Kurt then explains how it would not make sense to have this innate desire, unless the object of that desire exists.
Keywords: Apologetcs; arugments for God's existence; Christianity
Downloads: 45
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